Core Documentation

All you need to know to use, configure, install, manage replicante.

You likely want to start here.

Check out the architecture overview and the quick start, then dive into the details.

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Agents Documentation

Agents are lightweight processes running next to datastore processes to perform all management tasks the datastore software should not deal with.

Agents developed by the Replicante team are documented here.

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The specification documents define attributes, behaviours and expectations of entities Replicante Core interacts with such as data stores and infrastructure platforms.

In Replicante Core every interaction with external systems is done through the relevant specification so features apply equally to any backing software.

Current specifications
Development specifications

Developers Notebook

Replicante architecture, internals, possible futures, and more. These pages hold a bit of lore, a bit of history, and a lot of mind dump.

Mainly aimed at project developers to learn the past, understand the now, and glance at the future.

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