The road ahead is so full of options, possibilities, distractions it is difficult to keep focus.
The balance between new featurs and technical improvements is a though one to find.

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Current milestone: Platforms and Declarative Clusters

Platforms API to discover clusters and create cluster nodes as well as initial support for declarative cluster convergence to the desired state
  • Cluster convergence logic in Replicante Core To do
  • Ensure clusters without discovery records can still be orchestrated To do
  • Kubernetes Platform To do
  • Update Replicante Core user documentation and quick start To do
  • Start work on replisdk::agent::models module In progress
  • Improve agent data models In progress
  • Cluster initialisation and joining actions (orchestrator and agent) In progress
  • Start working on a replisdk rust crate Done
  • Rework cluster discovery to return node IDs along side the agent address Done
  • First iteration of a Platform specification and API Done
  • Implement the Platform API for the replidev playground service Done
  • Discover clusters from Platforms Done
  • Implement node provisioning orchestrator action Done
  • Start work on a replisdk::platform framework to implement Platform services Done
  • Start work on a replisdk modules for reusable runtime logic Done

Future milestones

  • Nodes Deletion
    Support deleting nodes and forgetting deleted nodes
    To do
  • RepliCore Authentication
    Introduce users information and roles
    To do
  • RepliCore Authorisation
    Introduce access control mechanisms to ensure users are authorised
    To do
  • Centralised management of datastore roles
    Define roles for people and applications to access all your datastores in one place
    To do
  • And much more …
    So much that it is not possible to list at this time
    To do