MongoDB is a felxible document NoSQL database.

Supported versions

Agent Version MongoDB Version MongoDB Mode
0.2.0+ 3.0+ / 3.2+ Replica Set / Clustered
0.1.0+ 3.2+ Replica Set


Follow the instructions in the installation page.


# Common agents options described in agent.example.yaml
agent: {}
  # ... snip ...

# MongoDB specific configuration.
  # MongoDB connection URI.
  uri: "mongodb://localhost:27017"

  # Timeout (in milliseconds) for selecting an appropriate server for operations.
  timeout: 30000

  # Configure the agent to operate in sharded cluster mode.
  # This section is optional.
  # If missing, sharding mode is disabled.
  # If present, sharding mode is enabled by default but can be disabled.
    # The identifier of the MongoDB sharded cluster.
    # *** Required ***
    # In replica set mode the cluster name is detected as the replica set.
    # In sharded mode this attribute cannot be auto-detected and must be specified.
    cluster_name: 'user-defined-name'

    # Enable or disable sharded mode.
    enable: true

    # Name of the `mongos` node name.
    # If set, the node is expected to be a mongos instance.
    # If null (the default), the node is expected to be a mongod instance.
    mongos_node_name: ~

Upgrades notes

See the full changelog for all details.

Upgrading to 0.2.0

  • The API format for /api/v1/shards has changed (this would be a breaking change afer the 1.0 release).
  • The configuration format was changed and existing files may not work.