Best practices checklists

Support cluster and node level items that can be checked for presence/absence then build reports around this.

Things to think of:

  • Is latest version/is update available?
  • Is TLS required for connections?
  • Are there CVEs issued for the current version?

Start with focus on standard items that are applied to everything. Quickly expand to custom items with partial agent support.


  • Add agent endpoint to return check results (are checks lightweight enough to assume they can be triggered by the endpoint itself?)
  • Endpoint returns a dictionary of {<ID>: {"status": <bool>, "message": <string>}}.
  • Core can poll the results:
    • Less frequently then for other state?
    • On demand to generate reports?
  • Data files used by core (imported in DB?) to attach meaning to items by ID:
    • Display text
    • Short description
    • Link to details
    • Is desired/undesired item?
    • Severity of presence/absence