Replicante replictl is a command line tool to interact with Replicante and the clusters it manages.

Compatibility between different replictl and Replicante versions is not guaranteed.

In general the same version should be used for both the cluster and replictl.

replictl offers a sub-command based structure like git and cargo.

Use replictl --help to explore available commands and sub-commands.


Authentication and authorization support are not currently implemented.
They are on the roadmap (because of course they are) and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Because of that, some concepts such as Single-Sign On have been introduced even if they are not complete.

To know which Replicante Core instance to connect to and how, replictl uses profiles. This allows users to create a profile for each instance they manage and switch among them when needed.

Profiles are created, activated and removed with the commands in replictl sso.