Node and Orchestrator Actions

Schedule tasks to manage one-off and periodic activities from a central observation point.

Actions execute either on nodes or can run from Replicante Core to manipulate the cluster as a whole.

Cluster discovery

A single inventory for all your servers/instances should be all that you need.

Inspired by Prometheus, Replicante uses cluster discovery to know what nodes it needs to manage and how to connect to them.


Know what happens, when it happens, how the system evolved over time. Events show what is happening to both you and the system so choices can be made and understood better.


Your user’s data is important. Being able to trust the software that manages your datastore is important as well.

Words are cheap, trust is not: Replicante provides introspection tools and integrations to let operators monitor and understand what the system is doing and why.


Get a quick look into your clusters from the WebUI.