HTTP Action

Action ID
Summary Execute an externally implemented action over HTTP(S)
Default Timeout 24 hours
Scheduling Mode Exclusive
kind: OrchestratorAction

  # Can override the namespace with --namespace=test-namespace
  namespace: default
  # Can override the cluster with --cluster=test-cluster
  cluster: target-cluster-id

      url: https://remote.action.service:1234/extended-action-id

Execute an externally implemented action over HTTP(S).

When it executes the action will make a POST HTTP(S) call to the provided URL. The full action record is sent in the request body as JSON.

The response is expected to be:

  • A 200, with a JSON encoded ProgressChanges object.
  • A 204, which will correspond to a progress cycle which makes no changes.

Any other response will fail the action with a remote error.

If an action fails the remote should still send back a 200 with a ProgressChanges object setting the state to OrchestratorActionState::Failed and include failure information.


Argument Type Description Default String Optional CA to validate HTTPS server certificates None
remote.timeout u64 Optional timeout timeout to wait for a response, in seconds. <Not Set>
remote.url String URL of the remote system to invoke <Required>