Agent Information API

Alpha state disclaimer

The protocol defined below is in early development cycle and is subject to (potentially breaking) change.

Returns information about the agent itself

The following agent information MUST be included:

  • version information:
    • Version number: the SemVer agent version.
    • Version control checkout: VCS ID of the agent code that is running.
    • Version control taint status: indicates uncommitted changes to the code.


  "version": {
    "number": "0.1.0",
    "checkout": "11a24d9c3940f60e527c571680d64e80e0889abe",
    "taint": "not tainted"
Returns information about the datastore

The following datastore information MUST be included:

  • cluster_id: datastore determined cluster identifier.
  • id: datastore determined, cluster unique, node identifier.
  • kind: datastore software managed by the agent.
  • version: the SemVer datastore version.

The following datastore information MAY be included:

  • cluster_display_name: cluster display name to be used in place of the cluster_id in the UI and other user messages, if provided.


  "cluster_display_name": "prod-data",
  "cluster_id": "replica-set-name",
  "id": "",
  "kind": "MongoDB",
  "version": "3.4.5"