Shards Information API

Alpha state disclaimer

The protocol defined below is in early development cycle and is subject to (potentially breaking) change.

Returns detailed information about shards

The following information MUST be included:

  • A list of shards on the node:
    • The shard id.
    • The role of the node for the shard.
    • The (optional) commit_offset of the shard on the node:
      • The commit offset unit.
      • The commit offset value (as a 64-bits integer).
    • The (optional) lag of a secondary from its primary:
      • The lag unit.
      • The lag value (as a 64-bits integer).


  "shards": [{
    "id": "shard_id",
    "role": "SECONDARY",
    "commit_offset": {
      "unit": "seconds",
      "value": 67890
    "lag": {
      "unit": "seconds",
      "value": 33