Core endpoints are related to the essential features of Replicante Core.


Apply a new or updated configuration.

The body of the request must be a JSON object with the following attributes:

  • apiVersion: identifier of the group and version of the configuration to apply.
  • kind: identifier of the class of configuration object to apply.
  • metadata: additional metadata relevant for the object.
  • Additional attributes may be required based on what the object being applied is.


  • ok: set to 1 on success.
  • response: an optional JSON response based on the object apiVersion and kind.
  "ok": 1,
  "response": "any"

Request the refresh of the state of a cluster.

URL parameters:

  • :cluster_id: the ID of the cluster to refresh.

Body: None


  • task_id: the internal ID of the task that will perform the refresh (for debugging).
  "task_id": "dfe270e070ca03b4a07de43383997b31"