Security Considerations

This section covers Replicante security design and features.

Replicante aims to provide a reasonable level of security by default. Tuning will be required to ensure users make the best of the offered features.

Design expectations

Replicante is developed with some expectation about data, users, and runtime environment:

  • Agents can be trusted and respect the specification.
  • Users that have access to the system can be trusted.
  • Replicante processes can trust each other.
  • Agent actions can be harmful so the authenticity and integrity of action requests MUST be guaranteed.
  • Collected data and generated events are sensitive information (precautions are taken to avoid unauthorised reads) but are not confidential (no permanent or irreparable harm is done if data is leaked).
  • Security of third party software (store, message bus, …) is out of scope.


Replicante provides the following security-related features: